Our priority is to guide you to gain a strong financial position and ideally reach financial freedom. We strongly believe in a long-term holistic approach for investing and consider risk, returns, fees, security, motivation and interests when creating your portfolio.

We know having SMART goals makes it easier not to lose focus during the journey. Fin15 works with you to set targets and strategies to achieve your goals. We consider different investment tools that fit your personal situation and evaluate the effectiveness of our recommendations. Fin15 looks across a wide variety of asset classes and at long term cycles to help provide more prudent advice than is typically provided by other financial institutions.

We believe it’s always the right time to start investing and that we all should take advantage of the power of the compound effect. Having a constant return over many years can make a significant difference in how your money grows. This is why we encourage our clients to start at an early stage in their life.

Our specialists have a strong emphasis on diversification, which means not placing all your eggs in one basket. Typically, diversification is advised to spread and reduce risks of a portfolio. Fin15 believes that the majority of Australians do not successfully diversify their investments. Under certain events, this will result in losses that are much larger than in those who have their portfolio appropriately diversified. We work closely with our clients to mitigate risks.

As Fin15 is not aligned to any big institution, we can select providers from a large pool of investment platforms. We recommend the best value option depending on platform features, how much money you have to invest, the investment options you want to access and the total fees on the overall portfolio.

Contact us at Fin15 and we can guide you on what is the best Investment strategy for you.