Tax & Audit

To get ahead financially, you need authentic accounting advice. How you allocate your income and how much tax you pay will make a substantial difference in your financial affairs. Fin15 helps you understand the variety of possible tax paid in your everyday life such as capital gain, Superannuation, estate planning, insurance claims among other types of taxes. We will work with you to make sure your tax payable is minimised and your financial benefits are maximised.

Fin15’s approach to tax and audits

Fin15 believes it is paramount that you have the right approach towards examining and managing your tax affairs in order to increase your surplus of money. The earlier you can do this in life, the better. Regular professional advice and personal accountability are key metrics to be able to reach your goals. We implement this by:
  • Conducting a Quarterly, Semi-annually or Yearly (depending on your payment plan) to review your Superannuation and ensure all your contributions have been paid.
  • Fin15 works closely with your accountant or our internal accountant to help you minimise tax and allocate your funds more effectively. We analyse your cash flow and recommend diverse contribution strategies to help you minimise your taxes.
  • We also offer business tax management services to improve cashflow and reduce tax payables.