Tax & Audit

Fin15 knows managing your tax affairs and ensuring you are being paid all your super make a massive difference to your financial position.

What's Fin15 approach to tax and audits?

If you’re earning over $20,000 p.a. the Fin15 Management Fee paid from your Super will include

  • An annual audit to ensure you have been paid all your super;
  • Taking a look at your cash flows for Salary sacrifices options;
  • Tax and Accounting recommendations to help you minimise tax and allocate your funds more effectively; and
  • Fin15 can place you in contact with our professional accountants to have your Tax Return done.

To get ahead financially, you need authentic accounting advice. Both how you allocate your income and how much you pay in tax will make a huge difference to your bottom line. Fin15 believes getting this sorted at the beginning of your career is crucial. How many people go from being a struggling student to earning $100.000 in a few years and are still struggling? A strategy, regular professional advice and some accountability is the difference between make or break.

Ways we use Tax and Audit to your advantage

1. 30% of Australian workers are underpaid on SuperIt’s a disgrace and it’s not small amounts, casual, hospitality and construction workers are especially at risk, even with big corporations – so Fin15 puts in the leg work and ensures you get paid!

2. Accounting: Fin15 provide accounting services, working with a team of professional accountants to keep your finances in check all year round. 

3. Tax: It also means we can point you in the right direction so you can lodge your tax return and that means having professional accountants working out how to minimize your tax. Tax time made easy.

4. Super, Accounting and Tax: You want to save a deposit for a house? We can help you use your Superannuation as a tool to save for your first property .

5. Budgeting: Fin15 wants to work with you to develop a budget strategy and offer an annual (or more frequently if necessary) review to help you stick to your plan and make adjustments. We believe that having the confidence to manage your funds so you are saving before spending is key to having a greater understanding of how to manage your finances. We are people, just like you, and we have the advice to make everyday spending that little bit less guilty.

6. For Students: If you are working part-time, every extra dollar in your pocket makes a big difference and getting your tax done right to maximise that refund will put additional cash monies where they belong – in your pocket. We may even help you buy something special you’ve been saving for.

7. For Grads: Fin15 wants to ensure you start having your accounting done right so you can better manage your finances which could sing to the tune of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket and super.

8. Saving for a property in SuperWith Fin15 you can start saving for your first property in Super. We can provide advice around this using it to help manage your tax.

9. For ContractorsIf you have complex accounts the Fin15 management fee may increase, but essentially, we can have all your accounts in order, help you with tax deductions and make recommendations on the most effective ways to save and allocate funds depending on your personal situation.

10. For high earners and businessesWe can guide you on your business journey, this will increase our fees, but essentially Fin15 can be your personal business coach that can provide you with a cost-effective service to better manage your accounting needs in addition to Super, Investment and Insurance management.

11. BAS and GST AdviceOur professional accountants can help you with this, and it will form part of the strategy Fin15 prepares.

12. HECS DebtIt’s important that you don’t earn just over levels where repayments kick in because you suddenly have to pay a percentage, every client needs a personalised plan. For a couple of our existing clients, it is important for them not to earn just over levels where repayments kick in because they suddenly have to pay a percentage. In some cases the government can take up to 10% off your earnings to payback your HECS-HELP debt. We have a range of strategies to help you pay back these debts the most efficient way.

13. Long term strategic planningFinancial advice shouldn’t be just about your current situation. Fin15 believes in setting targets and taking into account all that is changeable in life. This can help us determine how your savings rate may change, allowing you to make better long term decisions. We want our customers to continue to feel confident no matter what the stock market or life circumstances throw at them.

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