Here's how it works!

We customise plans to fit your needs and wants. Our language is simple and complicated financial terms are broken down for your full understanding.

Why Fin15?


Sign up is 100% online meaning its fast, simple and can be done in only 15 mins!

Finance Simplified

We breakdown the complicated finance terms to make it simple and easy to understand. 


Our plans are personalised and adjusted according to the changes in your life. 

This is how we help you
through Your financial journey.

1. Learn

In the first stage, we want to learn as much as we can about you! Not just about your finances but your goals and dreams, so that we can build your plan to make them happen.

2. Analysis

We take all the information you have provided us and start looking into all your options, then work collaboratively with you to put together your perfect plan.

3. Live

With your plan set, sit back while we get everything sorted. You focus on living your life while we manage your accounts and make your money work for you.

4. Adjust

New Job? Got Married? New baby on the way? All these changes will affect your finances and we are ready to help by adjusting your plan accordingly.

The Process

1. Sign up

Fill in our sign up form with basic personal information to help us get you started. 

2. Fact Find

This form helps us get to know your current financial and life circumstances to create your plan. We here want to learn about your career,  finances and goals.  

3. Consult

Talk with your advisor, go through your plan, ask questions and make any needed changes.

4. Done

With your plan approved, you sit back while we work to get your finances working for you!

Changes in your finances or life circumstances? Not an issue, call us and we will work with you to adjust your plan accordingly!