Here's how it works!

We customise plans to fit your needs and wants. Our language is simple and complicated financial terms are broken down for your full understanding.

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Fill in the sign up form with basic personal information to help us get you started. You can sign up online or over the phone with one of our specialists. Our online sign up is fast, simple and can be done in only 15 mins!

Finance Simplified

Talk with your adviser and create a personalised plan that reviews your financial position. We break down complicated financial terms so it’s simple to understand.


With your approval we implement your plan. You can sit back and relax knowing that your finances are working for you!


We conduct regular reviews of your financial position to make sure you effectively accomplish your goals along the way. As you progress through different stages in life, we work with you to make necessary changes.

This is how we help you
through your financial journey.

1. Learn

Firstly we learn as much as we can about you, not just about your finances but your goals and dreams. This way we can build a plan to make those dreams reality.

2. Analysis

We take all the information you have provided, form strategies and select products that help you reach your goals. Fin15 works collaboratively with you to put together the perfect plan.

3. Live

After your plan approval and document submission, sit back while we get everything sorted. You can focus on living your life while we manage your accounts and make your money grow.

4. Adjust

Changed your Job? Newly Married? Baby on the way? This will affect your finances and we are ready to help by adjusting your plan accordingly.