our History

Fin15 is a financial advice company focused on long term client relationships. Since our beginning in 2017, we have aimed at providing a service that is accessible and easy to use for all.

We know it’s never too late to steer your finances in the right direction but we encourage our clients to set up their resources earlier in life to maximise their opportunities to achieve their goals. This includes university and young professionals who are often overlooked by other institutions due to their lack of accumulated wealth.

Fin15 does things differently to other advisers:

  • We break down complicated financial terms to make it simple to understand. This gives our clients confidence to make informed decisions about what to do with their money during different stages in life.
  • Our process is stress-free and flexible. You can sign up online, contact us via email/ phone or by visiting our office during business hours.
  • Financial plans are personalised and adjusted to fit your needs. We take the time to get to know you, find out about your goals and build your plan accordingly.
  • We use software-based technology that helps us engage and communicate with our clients in the most effective way while meeting the industry’s standards.

Our Numbers

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of our leaders are women

Our Values & Beliefs

  • Fin15 strives to provide a personalised, exceptional service that is compliant. Through transparent processes, we deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Our procedures are streamlined and automated, creating more time for our advisers to genuinely understand your goals.
  • Our team reflects this community; we understand the diversity of background,culture, and expertise. This means we are more connected to you and can deliver positive outcomes.
  • By helping to provide an optimised financial foundation early in one’s life and career, we increase the chances that our community make better and more informed choices throughout their journey.
  • Time is money [squared] so we work hard to save yours. Our practices help you manage different areas of financial planning that may be tedious and time consuming to deal with, such as insurance. We keep it up-to-date and take care of any claims, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Your investment criteria is important to us. We understand that the need of environmental sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of many individuals. As our clients grow, we grow, so what’s best for them is best for us.
  • Clear communication is at our forefront. You can type any question, anytime from anywhere and you will get a quality, well informed response from our specialists. Service and simplicity you’ll love so much, you’ll recommend us to your friends.