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Specialised team with more than 50 years of experience

Scott Goold


Ideas and Strategies Dude

Affectionately known to the team as Sunny. He has upwards of 20 years’ experience working in the finance industry. Sunny built the first educational brokerage company with the sole purpose to help his clients learn about derivatives. He taught them what they are and how to apply this in the market as well as helped them create their own to maximise returns on portfolios. Sunny has currently veered away from working for big banks and larger institutions. He decided to create Fin15 in order to have a more personalised approach to his customers, create long-lasting relationships with clients and help them reach financial freedom. Sunny supports the idea that holistic advice creates a lifelong effect on our client’s wealth.

Wence Peraza

COO and Head of Advisers

Maestro of Finance

Wence began his financial career in the United States after graduating with a Bachelor of Science/ International Business at Georgetown College. He worked in a variety of financial industries gaining experience in the field of business analysis. In 2015, he attained his Masters of International Business from Sydney Business School and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning at the International Institute of Technology. Wence has shown he is a lifelong learner and has continued to upskill himself, achieving his Self Managed Super Funds specialisation from the University of Adelaide. His passion is blogging. He supports his clients by breaking down complicated terms for a transparent and clear understanding of the financial world.

John Evans

Head of Compliance

Sherriff of the law

John has worked in the financial services industry since 1975 and has recently retired as Head of Compliance & Training from the Beacon Group. John has worked with numerous organisations including Westpac, ipac, RetireInvest, Onepath, Prudential, City Mutual, First Capital, AM Corporation and RIAA. His strength lies in using his practical understanding of the industry to simplify the complex legal and regulatory aspects into common sense for the rest of us. While he might have recently retired, he isn’t quite ready to leave the work force, and has decided to use his knowledge to assist our team to ensure our processes meet the ever changing regulatory environment of the Financial service industry.

Michelle Du toit


Designer of Logic Not Decoration

Michelle Graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Double degree in Creative Arts and Communications, majoring in Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising and Digital Communications. She worked in a variety of industries early on in her career to gain a vast range of experiences, starting out in SAAS, moving to Ecommerce, QSR and settling in Fintech in 2017 when she started working with Fin15. Her work within the Fintech industry allowed her to explore her passion for UI and UX, to develop those skills she undertook a Full Stack Diploma from the University of Sydney in 2020. Michelle is a lifelong learner and is constantly upskilling and exploring various aspects of communications and technology. This passion has allowed her to create the best User Experience and Interface for our Fin15 clients.

Laura León


Professional Middle Man

Laura graduated as a Systems Engineer from the Industrial University of Santander in  Colombia. She started her career as a Full Stack Developer working for an international mining company. Laura later became the lead developer at the National Centre of Oncology, and expands her knowlage throught her differents works, she loves to spend the time with her baby playing, singing and watching movies, now she is learning React js. She is the newest member of our team and is in charge of creating all the automation and development of our technology.

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