Meet the Team

Specialised team with more than 50 years of experience

Sunny Goold


Ideas and Strategies Dude

He’s worked in banks and exchanges. He’s traded derivatives and built the first brokerage company in the world who educated and trained its clients. He learned that the banking and finance industry is a horrible industry to work in and that people just need really good advice to make solid long term decisions. So he decided to take an “idealistic and illogical” path to create Fin15 to partner with clients long term to help them be in strong financial positions and build a cool team that’s fun to work with. If he wasn’t doing this he’d be surfing and spending way too much time online deciding which jacket to buy (which he’ll probably keep doing anyhow).

Wence Peraza

COO and Head of Advisers

Maestro of Finance

Wence is a Financial Adviser with more than 6 years of experience in the Australian Financial Markets. Wence obtained his MIB in at the Sydney Business School, his bachelor of Science with focus in finance from Georgetown College in the states and his Diploma of Financial Planning at the International Institute of Technology. Wence specializes on calling people that knows what they are doing and asking them what is it that they are doing. Wence expects to retire once the Simpsons final episode happens.. so not any time soon!

John Evans

Head of Compliance

Sherriff of the law

John has worked in the financial services industry since 1975 and has recently retired as Head of Compliance & Training from the Beacon Group. John has worked with numerous organizations including Westpac, ipac, RetireInvest, Onepath, Prudential, City Mutual, First Capital, AM Corporation and RIAA. His strength lies in using his practical understanding of the industry to simplify the complex legal and regulatory aspects into common sense for the rest of us. While he might have recently retired, he isn’t quite ready to leave the work force, and has decided to use his knowledge to assisting our team to ensure our processes meet the ever changing regulatory environment of the Financial service industry. 

Esmé Le Roux


Designer of Logic Not Decoration

She spent half a decade at University filled with studying, procrastinating and binge watching tv shows, in the hopes to use her flair for branding and storytelling to inspire positive change in the world. She is a Disney and superhero geek, lover of puns, avid Mario Kart player and total karaoke aficionado. 

Laura León


Professional Middle Man

Graduated as a systems engineer from the UIS University of Colombia, passionate about software development in which I have been working for 5 years, lover of Marvel movies, of a good book. Eager to grow professionally day by day