Superannuation Management

We focus on finding investment options that are both effective and have low fees. But we also prioritize:

  • Ethical and environmentally sustainable investments;
  • Investments with long term, positive prospects; and
  • Reducing risk based on your career and lifestyle (so, for example, if you work in property you it would be a bad idea to have your superannuation fund heavily exposed to property).

We also look at what insurance you actually need. We manage it so you don't pay for insurance unless it makes sense. For example many Uni students don't need Life Insurance that automatically comes with some super funds.

More importantly if you ever need to claim we manage that process. I mean what's the point of having insurance if you when you need the payout you don't know what you need to do or the process is drawn out?

We help you manage your investments and insurance as your circumstances change.

Importantly check the fund managers you put your super with are doing the right thing.

All this makes a big difference.

For under 30's with less than $20,000 in their superannuation we chargeyour super $100 / year and we make sure the benefit you receive is much greater than the fees. We charge you nothing to put together a customised plan so you may as well see what we can do.

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