There are many different ways to invest, and each of them have its own benefits and disadvantages. We sit down with you to explain the different options available for you. Fin15 focuses on investments with strong multipliers which help you maximise your probability of success. We make sure you invest in the most effective way while keeping your goals at our forefront.

What's Fin15 approach to investments?

Fin15 works with you to develop, implement and evolve your personalised investment strategy.
  • As Fin15 has no inclination toward any particular investment or platform provider, we can assist you with a non-bias view of the market. We believe that each person is unique, and so should be their investment portfolio. Our specialists also have access to a wide range of ethical investments for those of you who are environmentally conscious. Contact us and we will help you create a personal portfolio that fits your needs.
  • Like everything in life, all investments have risks and rewards. We take great pride in comprehensively explaining to our clients the mechanics of the financial world. Fin15 will help you feel confident and well informed before making any financial decisions.
  • Our specialists will form a partnership with you so we can manage your investments with your best interest at heart. Together, we will create an expert plan where your investment(s) are reviewed on a quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis depending on your needs. This will allow you to have the peace of mind that if there are changes in the market, we take action accordingly. If there are any recommend changes on your portfolio, we will contact you first for approval before any plan modifications.
  • We conduct a Personalised Risk Model that allows us to understand what type of investor you are and how much risk you are willing to take on your investments. This tool, combined with your goals, helps us build a better portfolio for your needs and wants.