Investments are generally about achieving two things:

What's Fin15 approach to investments?

Fin15 works with you to develop, implement and evolve a personalised investment strategy.

  • Fin15 will manage your investments so they are ethical and right for you. We believe your money should be doing what you want it to do, not just floating around in cyber financial space.
  • Our Maslow Personalised Risk Model allows us to assess risky areas for you and how much risk is right for you, so we can build you a better portfolio.
  • We focus on ethical & environmentally sustainable investments because you don’t want to be that villain who used your money for evil. And also because we believe in the power of long term, ethical and sustainable investments on the state of our world peace, love and unity!!!

But investments are more than just that in the professional and mystical world of Finance. Fin15 focuses on helping you invest more money, get a strong multiplier on your money so you maximise probability.

Ways we use investment

1. Your Outcome Comes First: Our priority is to help put each of our clients in the strongest financial position. It’s not just about returns or fees with us. It’s about a long-term holistic approach that takes into account risk, returns, fees, security, your motivation and interests as well as savings to put you in the best possible financial position for you.

2. Targets are critical: We know having a goal at the end of the rainbow makes it easier not to lose focus. This is why Fin15 works with you to set targets and strategies to get there. Let’s say you want to buy a property, we will work with you on the most effective way to save a deposit, the best investment options, how much you need and when you can get there.

3. Saving and Investing Outside of Super: Fin15 works with clients on Savings and Investment strategies for big-ticket items, be it a property, car, holiday, funds to start your own business or funding a shuttle to Mars.

4. Being ahead from the start makes a huge difference:  In the 2017 world, most young people get behind from the start. Fin15 works with you to get you saving and investing from the beginning of your career, so you are always ahead of the game and have funds to buy those things you really want.

5. You have the control: Fin15 believes the banks have kidnapped our financial control and are holding us expensive ransom. Our goal is to restore our control and flexibility and ensure your money is working for you (not some corporation). This is where we take our relationship with customers seriously because together, we’d make a kick-arse team.

6. Ethical and Sustainable Investing: We feel strongly about ethical and sustainable investment options that are cost-effective for our customers.

7. Connected Investing:  Fin15 believes that if you are investing in areas you care about that you will be saving and making those investments a reality.  So we prioritise small investment allocations to something you like. In short; we’ll help you follow your heart.

8. Highly rated products: Fin15 recommends products that are researched and approved by our licensee.

9. We want you to understand the product: Like everything in life, every investment has risks and rewards, positives and negatives. Fin15 works hard to explain things simply so that you can feel confident in making decisions.

10. Product RiskIt’s the people and their expertise that make up the Fin15 team that make us so confident about the quality of guidance we provide our customers. We know that we know what we know.

11. DiversificationTypically diversification is advised to spread and reduce risks of a portfolio. Fin15 believes this doesn’t go far enough and that the majority of Australians have Super which is not sufficiently diversified, meaning, under certain events, losses can be much larger than in those who have their portfolio appropriately diversified.

12. Stocks, Bonds, CashFin15 looks across a wide variety of asset classes and at long term cycles in making recommendations. We help provide more prudent advice than is typically provided by financial advisors. We understand the long and short of it and tell you what’s what.

13. Low cost investingFees eat away at returns. We think of our customers’ investment horizon as being long term relationships that have had their ups and downs but are committed to the end goal and so prioritize low fee funds where possible.

14. PlatformsAs Fin15 is not aligned to any entity, and we can select providers from a large pool of investment platforms. We emphasize on recommending the best value option depending on platform features, how much you have in super / to invest, the investment options you want to access and the total fees on the overall portfolio.

15. Maslow RiskMaslow was a cool guy, he had a unique approach to life and investments, so we aim to go beyond the standard risk assessment process Multimillionaires have their risk assessed according to Lifestyle, Investment, Geographic and Income factors. We utilise our Maslow Risk Model for your personal investment plan, which takes these factors into account as you begin to build your wealth. This is a crucial part of being able to withstand economic, financial market and personal shocks throughout your life.

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