Fin15 helps you:

  1. Find out what insurances you have automatically been given and find out it's worthwhile
  2. Recommends and puts in place an insurance strategy that provides you the best value and takes advantage of the system over time
  3. Manages your insurance to help ensure everything is done right and make any claims as painless as possible

You probably have Life and TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) insurance automatically provided by your super. You may have more than one because you have more than one super fund.

What's the likelihood of this cover being suitable? It's also unlikely that if you suffer from something terrible, like a TPD event, that you'd receive a sufficient sum of money.

Now is actually the best time to put in place an insurance strategy - By doing it properly in your early 20's you will gain significant advantages.

Premiums are often at their lowest around the age of 22 for personal insurances but without the funds to afford a financial advisor, you are going to miss out of putting in place a customised strategy that can save your super thousands?

Finding the right balance for each customer between good cover and affordability when you are not earning much is something we focus on. Fortunately, there are some really great opportunities we can help you take advantage of.

If you are not earning much we are going to recommend products that can be held through your superannuation - that means no out of pocket expenses for you. If you have steady income we may take a different strategy and introduce some new insurance product that better meets your needs and can be paid predominately out of super. As you move into your career we may switch up the strategy again and we can find cover and strategies that are much better value for money.

To do this right we need to look at your goals, understand your cash flow restrictions and work within those constraints keeping in mind we want you to have the right cover whilst finding the best balance between maximising your savings and growing your superannuation.

Then we help you fill out the forms and we check them and lodge them for you - what is the point of having insurance if it's invalid?

The other thing we do is manage those insurances - because of how we use data we may notice (or you may let us know) that something changed in your life or finances and we can recommend an adjustment. We will also keep any important records.

The crucial thing about all this is in the event that you need to claim. All this management means everything can run as smoothly and as fast as possible and we do as much of it as we can.

We believe that in such situations you and your family need to have as little hassles or problems as possible. You don't want problems or delays with a claim because something wasn't filled out right or you don't know what to do.

How will Fin15 get paid for all this? We are paid a percentage of commissions by your insurance provider annually to manage it all. Is it worth it? Well, that's up to you but we expect that you'll get better value and more effective cover.

We show you comparisons - and we make them clear - because we want you to understand what you're choosing and be REALLY happy with it.

After all, if you wouldn't be better off you wouldn't accept our recommendation...