For FAQ Sake!

Most frequent questions and answers

SHORT ANSWER:  Of course! 

LONG ANSWER: We are registered through the Financial Link Group Pty Ltd and have obtained the necessary qualifications to provide financial advice through an Australian Financial Service Licence which you can easily find at the bottom of our website under Financial Service Guide (FSG). We are based right here in Wollongong, at Innovation Campus, we’re normal people, just like you, but we’re passionate about helping people build their financial confidence. 


LONG ANSWER:  We get this question all the time and it is one of our favourites…

We understand that Financial Advice sounds like something really big and heavy, and probably something you would need to ask your Mum about. 

But Fin15 is as versatile and fluid as you, We are here to help guide you, and increase your financial education. 

It doesn’t matter that you don’t currently have a job, there are still countless ways Fin15 can help you right now, setting you up for the future. 

It would be worth giving us a call, sending an email or Facebook message or even dropping into our office to make sure you are in the best financial position for when you do gain employment. 

For example, even though you don’t have a job now, if you have had a job or more than one in the past, you may have more than one Superannuation account, or the Superannuation fund you are with may be charging you hefty management fees which eat up your Super balance. It’s worth getting your Super and it’s Insurances sorted now, while you’re young, even if you are un-employed. In fact, if you head to our Case Studies and check out Jenny, you can see it could literally be worth thousands! 

SHORT ANSWER:  A lot less than expected…

LONG ANSWER:  Of course it depends on what services you would need or want, but the main thing to remember when it comes to our prices is that there are no out of pocket costs for our services. Unlike traditional financial advisory companies which charge you obscenely by the hour, Fin15 eliminates costs through automation, therefore we can charge a fixed fee that comes out of your Super, so You’re not paying out of pocket. Typically, (without discounts from referring a friend or from a promotion), for our team to develop a plan for you would cost a $100 deposit which is returned to you if you decide to continue and let our team implement the plan. Our Super Strategy Bundle will set your Super back At a starting price of $250 if you are under ’30s.  Check our Pricing Plans for more information

We know what it’s like to be a struggling student or young professional, we’ve been there. That’s why we’ve developed our own unique way of making financial confidence affordable and easy. 

SHORT ANSWER:  A full financial health check and personalised strategy and lifetime management

LONG ANSWER:  Our Super Strategy Bundle is the way to go for value, it includes Super Search and Consolidation, Insurance Inspection and Remedy, as well as Budgeting, Tax and Investment Advice. Normally something like our Super Strategy Bundle would cost around $8,000 depending on which financial advisor you consult. But we give you real bang for your buck! 

SHORT RESPONSE: Ummmm, that’s EXACTLY why you need us! 

LONG RESPONSE: We better than anyone understand that the world of finance is super confusing, there is lots of jargon used and it’s hard to feel safe and confident. But our passion is building financial confidence and education among young people so they can take real action in their finance. We are focused on fostering our client relationships and pride ourselves on breaking down all the finance jargon into something you not only understand but feel empowered to enact. Come and see for yourself! We’re always happy to see a new face at our office, or if phone and email is more your style we can answer any question you may have!