Most frequent questions and answers

SHORT ANSWER:  Our specialists are highly qualified to take care of your financial needs. 

LONG ANSWER: We are registered through the Financial Link Group Pty Ltd and provide financial advice through an Australian Financial Service Licence. You can easily find this information at the bottom of our website under Financial Service Guide (FSG). We are based in Wollongong, at the Innovation Campus. Feel free to Sign Up and book an appointment with us.


LONG ANSWER:  Superannuation funds you are with may be charging you hefty management fees, which could eat up your balance and leave you with no money for retirement. It’s worth getting your Superannuation and Insurances sorted as soon as possible, even if you are unemployed. We understand that Financial Advice sounds like something unaffordable when you don’t have an ongoing income, however, Fin15 offers a range of payment plans that can fit your personal budget. We may even offer you the option to pay our fees from your Superannuation. It would be worth giving us a call, sending us an email, Facebook message, or even dropping into our office to make sure you are in the best financial position for when you gain new employment. 

SHORT ANSWER:  A lot less than expected…

LONG ANSWER: Prices depend on what services you would need or want, but the main thing to remember when it comes to our prices is that we may offer you the possibility of not paying this out of your Superannuation. Fin15 offers a variety of plans that can be selected depending on your power of acquisition. Check our Pricing Plans for more information
We also understand the struggle of students or young professionals as we were once in that situation. That’s why we’ve developed our own unique way of making financial confidence affordable and easy for everybody.

SHORT ANSWER:  A full personalised strategy and lifetime management.

LONG ANSWER: Our Basic fee package of $250 plus 0.5% funds under management per annum offers you a full review of your Superannuation, Insurance and Investment. It provides you with an annual review of your portfolio as well as online access to our Financial Adviser and staff. If you sign up today we will add a one-hour consultation per year with one of our specialist so you can discuss your financial matters.
SHORT RESPONSE: We break down complex financial topics and jargon so it is easy for you to understand. Fin15 offers the option of seeking financial advice with a specialist that speaks your language.

LONG RESPONSE: Fin15 knows better than anyone that the world of finance may often be confusing for those that are not in the industry. Jargon used is complex and may make you feel out of your depth. We focus on simplifying terms, so they are easily understood and deliver transparency in all our transactions. This will provide you with reassurance that your finances are in the best possible hands. Our passion is building financial confidence among our clients, so they feel empowered about their financial decisions. We can match you with the right specialist for you to gain information from someone that speaks your language.

If you would like to know more please contact us.