employers and employees during covid-19

Employer and employees during COVID-19 find themselves in a very complex relationship, filled with fears, concerns and emotion. During this time employees are looking to their employer to address these concerns during COVID-19 and these uncertain times. While you may be doing your best, it’s imporant to remember three things when addressing your employees fears during COVID-19. The news is filled with misinformation being distributed about employment. As their employer its your job to break through the noise and put your employees at ease, which is not an easy task at all.

Emlpyers during COVID-19 should:

Be very clear: Most employees trust that their employers care about their wellbeing and will turn to employers for clarity during this time. Employers have a powerful role in giving employees guidance, so be concise and clear with your messaging. Always refer to official documentation and state facts not fiction.

Be empathetic: Your job as an employer is not to solve every problem, but your messaging should be compassionate, caring, and understanding. The key is to ensure your communications are reassuring, empowering, and leave room for open dialogue. A simple way to achieve this is to take the time to ask ‘how are you?’ then wait for an answer and listen to the response.

Be connected: To ensure your employees don’t feel alone, let them know you’re available to talk if they ever need it. Regular updates from management to remind employees you have their best interest is in mind. For remote workers, we recommend you try to meet face-to-face over video chat if possible. Encouraging employees to make space for human interaction while distancing will ensure you’re keeping the company’s culture alive.  Other options are team quizzes and games, or virtual happy hours.Want to read more blogs like this? Click the link here!