Sandy, 18 Student

Let's look at how Fin15 helped Sandy gain financial freedom


Sandy is an ‘Arts’ student that just started university. She works part-time as a waitress at a local restaurant making about $23,000 per annum. Sandy loves going hiking and camping on the weekend and she would love to save money to travel to Europe during her summer break.


Fin15 worked alongside Sandy. We explained the need to consolidate her Superannuation and review her insurance so that she is not paying for insurance she doesn’t need. Fin15 created a budgeting plan and cash flow analysis so that she could save at least $3,000 that year to travel. We helped her to complete her personal taxes to maximise her tax returns. She is planning to fly to Greece in the near future!


$ 0

Total Savings in her first Year

Fin15 helped save Sandy on Superannuation fees by doing a simple consolidation. We also reduced unnecessary insurance costs. Fin15 helped her lodge her taxes. We completed a cash flow analysis, helped her budget and provided her with personal investment strategies. She was able to accomplish her goal.