Sandy, 18 Student

Let's look at how Fin15 helped Sandy gain financial freedom


Sandy is an Art student that just started school while working part-time as a waitress in different local restaurants making about $23.000 per annum. She loves going hiking and camping during the weekend and she would love to save money for travelling to Europe during her summer break.


Fin15 worked with Sandy, and we explain to her that first, she needed to consolidate her super. We also reviewed her insurance so that she is not paying for insurance she doesn’t need, created a budgeting plan and cash flow analysis so she can save at least $3.000 this year to travel and did her personal taxes to maximise her tax returns. On November she is flying to Greece.


$ 0

Total Savings in her first Year

Saved her $262 on super fees by doing a simple consolidation. Also saved her $250 on unnecessary insurance fees that she was paying extra. Lodged her taxes and in combination with her cash flow analysis and budgeting that allowed her to save $30 a week. Fin15 ended up saving her $512 in super and insurance fee per annum and also help her save $1,900 for her trip to Europe.  

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