Fin15 collates all your Super into one fund and helps you manage it. Super sorted!

Why you need Superannuation

Superannuation is designed to be a nest egg for retirement and insurance against events before retirement. 

You may not think Super is relevant if you’re young and wild and free, but Fin15 specialises in helping you get the most value out of your Super both now and into the future. We believe you can live in the moment but should also think long term.

15 Ways we use super

1. Focus on Your Outcome: Our priority is to help put each of our clients in the strongest financial position. It’s not just about returns or fees with us. It’s about a long-term holistic approach that takes into account: risk, return, fees, security, your motivation and interests as well as savings to put you in the best possible financial position. for you.

2. Super Streamlining: Fin15 streamlines your Ssuper so that you have one fund with the right Investments & Insurance that we manage for you.

3. Financial Management: Fin15 works with you to utilise your Super as central to managing your financial situation.

4. Buying Property: You want to save for a deposit for a house? We can make use of your Super to tax effectively save for a deposit on your first property.

5. Accounting: Fin15 works with a team of licensed accountants to audit your Ssuperannuation with your income to ensure you are receiving everything you’re entitled to. We can also help you claim any that hasn’t been paid (show meee the money).

6. Pay for Insurance: Fin15 works with you to optimise your Insurance portfolio and use your Super to reduce your out of pocket cost.

7. Safety Net: Superannuation can be the financial safety net under which you confidently walk the financial tightrope. And at Fin15, we use it as the foundation for our financial strategising.

8. Advice fees paid by Super: As your situation changes, Fin15 will adapt and evolve with you to complete your financial strategy in areas such as Accounting, Legal, Budgeting and Savings and Investment strategies.

9. Using Super to reduce your tax: Fin15 works with you to assess strategies to drop your income below certain levels and help you maximise your tax return. 

10. SMSF: Funds with more than $200K,000 in Super mean you may consider an SMSF. If the time comes…it’s something Fin15 can help with.

11. Build a base: Accessing good investments can be challenging with a small balance, so we often recommend a cost-effective approach to build up a ‘base’ balance that is needed for emergencies. Thennnn you can become the Wolf of Wall Street.

12. Investment Flexibility: As you build beyond your ‘base’ we begin recommending more cost-effective Superstructures that provide access to an increased range of investment options.

13. Ethical and Sustainable Investing: We feel strongly about ethical and sustainable investment options that are cost-effective for our customers.

14. Connected Investing: Fin15 believes that if you have a personal connection to your Super that you will be more motivated to make sensible financial decisions that result in better outcomes. So we recommend small investment allocations to something you like. Maybe it’s Apple or NikeNike or your bespoke local bakery (ANOTHER BRAND HERE THAT’S MORE APPEALING TO GIRLS THAT’S NOT CHANEL). In short; we’ll help you follow your heart.

15. Maslow Risk: Maslow was a cool guy, he knew his stuff, so we aim to go beyond the standard risk assessment process (we aint no basic biaattchh). Multimillionaires have their risk assessed according to Lifestyle, Investment, Geographic and Income Ffactors. So, after building up your ‘base’, we utilise our Maslow Risk Model, which, takes these factors into account as you begin to build your wealth. This is a crucial part of being able to withstand economic, financial market and personal shocks throughout your life (did someone say Corona?).

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