Fin15 will work together with you to create a plan for how you spend your money. This will help us understand what you can do to improve your financial situation.

Why do I need budgeting

By conducting a budget analysis, we will be more likely to help you achieve financial freedom and gain control over your money.  By working with you in this process we can come up with a personalised plan on how to spend your money more responsibly.

Ways we use budgeting

1. Getting to know you. By working together on reviewing your financials helps us develop a unique personalised plan that fits your specific needs

2. To set realistic goals. By reviewing your financial you gain a better understanding of how to achieve what you wish to accomplish.

3. So you can stick to it! We will create a detailed plan using your specific goals and financial information so you can reach these. But remember you need to stick to your personalised budget!

4. Guiding you to financial freedom. Most billionaires have their expenses set by the dot. Why aren’t you doing the same?

5. Budgeting helps us paid debts faster.  By knowing your repayment capacity you can make sure you consolidate your debts and pay them back the most efficient way

6. Also helps us avoid debts.  We don’t want you to get ahead by getting behind, instead we prefer to help you stay out of debt so you don’t get stuck on your journey towards financial freedom.

7. So you don’t spend more than what you need. By allocating a set amount for your expenses you can track and make sure you don’t double up on expenses.

8. Help you save money.   We can keep track of your finances and make sure we look for ways to save you money.  

Want to work with us?

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