Our History

Fin15 started in 2017 with the dream of providing financial advise to University students and young professionals. A group often overlooked by other advisors due to their lack of accumulated wealth. 

We believe access to financial advice is crucial and that by setting up your finances earlier in life, we are able to maximise our client’s income and put them in a better position financially. 

Fin15 does things differently to other advisors:  

1. We breakdown the complicated finance terms to make finance simple and easy to understand. Giving our clients confidence to make informed decisions about their finances 

2. Sign up is online, fast and simple. Allowing us to make financial advice easy to access and affordable for our clients

3. Our plans are personalised and adjusted according to the changes in your life. We take the time to find out about your goals and build your plan accordingly  

4. We built a system rooted in compliance, but with the user in mind utilising the best in UX and UI practises 

Our Values & Beliefs

  • We go against conventional wisdom and focusing on under 30s, as the best opportunity to create big positive change. 
  • We provide one amazing solution to improve each client’s situation.
  • You can type any question, anytime from anywhere your internet works and you know you will get a quality response.
  • Service and simplicity you’ll love so much you’ll recommend your friends.
  • As our clients grow we grow so what’s best for them is best for us.
  • Our community live in a diverse economy thus our services focus on solutions that enhance outcomes relevant to this context
  • By helping provide an optimized financial foundation early in one’s career our community will have better choices throughout their lives.
  • We believe the future of the workforce is flexibility so this is central to how we work with each other.
  • We embrace a creative workforce who are not afraid to challenge traditional thinking.
  • Investment return is not the sole criteria in a holistic approach. We care about matching where you are going and who you want to be so you can do better than your peers.
  • Clean, simple and transparent processes result in much better outcomes for our community.
  • Learning about how our communities’ world is changing and understanding how that affects you is central to our approach.
  • Time is money[squared] so we work hard to save yours. So we do things like manage insurance, keeping it all up to date and taking care of any claims so clients don’t have to worry.
  • We know our team should reflect our community as diversity of background, culture and expertise means we are more connected to you and can deliver better outcomes. 
  • Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are crucial to our investment criteria.